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Volcanic eruption could be imminent

A series of small earthquakes around Upptyppingar north of Vatnaj�kull since this February has prompted speculations from geologists that a volcanic eruption could be imminent in the area. A particularly intense sequences of quakes occurred during the nights of July 31 and August 1. Around 130 small quakes were reported during that period. Geologists believe the quakes are related to movements of magma underneath the surface and if they continue with increasing power a volcanic eruption might take place.

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Mayaro mud volcano is no threat
The bubbling disturbance in the sea off Point Radix is a mud volcano mount which poses no immediate threat to people, experts confirmed yesterday. They also sought to quash rumors that the disturbance could generate a tsunami which could affect the seaside villages along the east coast of Trinidad. The waves being generated pose a threat only to sea-going vessels. Officials have not recorded any changes to the sea level, the seabed or even the marine life in the immediate vicinity. More work needs to be done before proving or disproving that this volcano and the one inland at Cascadoux Village lie along the same fault.
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