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Update:Massive Earthquake Kills Hundreds in Peru

People sort through rubble a day after a powerful earthquake hit coastal areas of Peru, killing hundreds of people and devastating areas south of the capital, Lima.

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Peru, S.A.

In Photos: Massive Quake

Usually you don't feel a tremor when outside, but the pavement was rippling, so I fled to the park where the ground continued to move under our feet...What was even more frightening was the roar of the quake coupled with the sky lighting up. It was surreal - if felt like we had stepped onto the set of some war movie"

Something is seriously amiss with the Pacific this week. Just days after Hawaii gets walloped with both a trembler and a hurricane-turned-tropical storm, Peru suffers a massive earthquake that killed at least 337 people. The worst to hit the country in 30 years, it clocked in at 7.9 on the Richter scale, making it 100 times more powerful than the quake that rocked Hawaii.

Aftershocks continued to rattle the country after the main event last night, but a feared tsunami never materialized. Though the epicenter was 165 miles from Lima, the capital certainly felt the earthquake's effects, residents said


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