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Update:Flooding brings havoc to Newfoundland towns

'There's rivers running where there was never a river running before,' resident says

Photo: A culvert near Dunville, Placentia Bay, was washed away early Wednesday, knocking out one of the access routes to the town. (Adrian O'Keefe)

Newfoundland, Canada

Emergency crews were dealing Wednesday with what one mayor called "an impossible fight" against flooding in Newfoundland communities brought on by the remnants of tropical storm Chantal. Traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway ground to a halt for several hours, as RECORD-SETTING RAINFALLS overwhelmed a stretch of the highway near Whitbourne, about 90 kilometres west of St. John's.

Across the Avalon Peninsula, most communities got about as much rain during the day as they would ordinarily receive in a month. Rainfall recorded at the St. John's airport topped 96 millimetres for the day, passing a one-day RECORD RAINFALL set in 1975 of 80.5 millimetres. Monthly averages of rainfall in the area are about 108 millimetres.

Photo: A flood ripped apart streets in Dunville, Placentia Bay, and caused damage to many property owners. (Gladys Hickey)
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