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Sudan floods death toll reaches 101, crops ruined

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Sudan, Africa

<---Photo: A Sudanese man sits next to his belongings as water surrounds his shack near Khartoum August 21, 2007.

KHARTOUM, Aug 29 (Reuters) - Floods across Sudan have killed 101 people, spread disease and destroyed livelihoods by wiping out agricultural crops, officials said on Wednesday.On Tuesday, the United Nations appealed for $20 million to provide clean water, food and shelter to more than 3 million people in what Sudanese officials have called the worst floods in living memory."One hundred and one have died, and 278 were injured in the floods," Awad Widatallah Hussein, an official in the government's emergency response team, told Reuters.The flooding killed more than 36,000 livestock, he said.The floods have made at least 200,000 people homeless, and destroyed more than 42,000 hectares of crops, the U.N. humanitarian aid agency (OCHA) said in a statement.

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