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Softball Sized Hail Damages Dante

Breaking Storm News
South Dakota, USA

Hail damaged homes, churches and crops in southeastern KELOLAND in Charles Mix County Tuesday. Wednesday, they were cleaning up after the storm.
"I've seen hail, seen lightning. Never seen hail like this though, not this magnitude," Mike Kotab said. Kotab is the Fire Chief in Dante where hail pounded his home Tuesday for almost half an hour, and did a lot of damage. "Broken windows, there was hail that moved through roofs, whether it was steal, asphalt shingles. Ripped everything up," Kotab said. People living in the area say the hail was so big it even killed some of their cattle.


Possible Microburst hits Bettendorf

BETTENDORF, Iowa -- Another round of severe weather left more than 3,000 Quad City homes in the dark Wednesday night. Some of you in Bettendorf and Moline also worried about tornados as low clouds raced through your neighborhoods.
Along King Drive in Bettendorf homeowners say something more than lightening came down their street causing damage. The damage it left behind clearly visible as tree damage turned into damaged property. A big tree branch fell into the driveway of one home hitting a van in the driveway and causing slight damage to the house. At least four cars in the street were dented by flying branches also.

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