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Search Resumes for Victims of Minnesota Bridge Collapse

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Minnesota, USA

Photo: Vehicles are scattered along the broken remains of the Interstate 35W bridge, 01 Aug 2007

Authorities in the upper midwestern U.S. city of Minneapolis, Minnesota are searching for the bodies of more victims after a major highway bridge collapsed and plunged 20 meters into the Mississippi River below.
The Minneapolis fire chief Jim Clack says the operation has shifted from one of rescue to recovery.
Officials Thursday put the confirmed death toll from the collapse of the eight-lane bridge Wednesday evening at four. As many as 30 people are missing, and the death toll is expected to rise.
In Washington, President Bush offered his condolences, calling the collapse a terrible situation. He said the federal government will help ensure that the bridge is rebuilt as quickly as possible.


Houston, Texas
All the rain has bridges in trouble as week-after-week, high, fast-moving water in bayous and rivers erodes the soil around critical supports. On Highway 288 part of the abutment has collapsed, threatening the stability of a bridge crossed by thousands of drivers a day. The bridge across Sims Bayou at Highway 288 was known to be in good condition until all of the rains came. It raises a serious concern: There are dozens of bridges (55) around Houston that are known to be in critical condition and have been that way for years. The transportation department is not fearful of any catastrophic collapses. “They don’t go down quickly and without a fight. Typically what happens is there’ll be a dip in the roadway, and we get phone calls.”


Are the Houston bridges in trouble?
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