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Mangroves move inland as seas rise

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Relentless waves threaten KZN resort

South Africa
More Photos of Beach Damage
Relentless waves battering coastal resort - Earlier this week, two swimming pools on the front lawn collapsed into the sea. They have dismantled wooden decks, pulled up trampolines and other holiday amenities, but now the sea has reached the resort's front doors. Two nights ago the waves knocked down the front wall of the bar and diningroom area and undermined the foundations of a newly refurbished block of 16 chalets. "What can I say? We are in the middle of a nightmare, and the sea just has no mercy." About two months ago, they had begun to notice that the 70m-wide strip of beach in front of the resort was getting thinner. "The March 19 storm stripped away the sandbank and now there is nothing to stop the waves. During the spring high tide about two weeks ago the waves really started to wreak havoc. The beach just got narrower and narrower and the sea started to whack us fast and furious." Contractors and staff had been working until 9pm during the past few nights to pile sandbags in front of the resort.

Toti Loses its main beachfront
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Western Cape braces for more floods

City disaster management service braced itself to deal with more flooding on Friday after overnight rain and predictions of a further rainfall on Friday of another 20-to-30mm.
Last Thursday, the disaster management unit had to assist 30 000 people affected by floods in 49 settlements.
By last Saturday, this number had increased to 38 000 in 70 settlements and floods had damaged 110 000 houses.

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