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Massive Storms, Biblical Floods, Scorching Heat

Weather Is Breaking Records and Making Headlines Around the World

Extreme Weather From Coast to Coast

This 100-year weather rarity is just one of a laundry list of extreme weather events around the world this year — from Asia, where tropical storms are adding to new rainfall records, to England's wettest three-month period ever, to the Arabian Peninsula's first tropical cyclone..

In the United States, it seems like the South is melting in the heat, parts of Texas have 10 times the normal rainfall last month and dozens of wildfires are scorching the bone-dry West.

Although the recent wacky weather has no clear-cut cause, the extreme weather is getting more scientists to sound the alarm.

"We've only seen the beginning part of the impact of global warming and I think people on the street are starting to feel it with more intense heat waves and more intense weather," said Brenda Ekwurzel, of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Photo Above: Trees and power lines are down after a tornado hit the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn. (Benny Snyder/AP Photo)
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