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Lunar Eclipse Dazzles Onlookers

Photos & Information provided by Spaceweather.com

Observers described the Moon as "dark and coppery," and there was a beautiful flash of turquoise at the onset of totality caused by the filtering effects of Earth's ozone layer. While the Moon was deep inside Earth's shadow, photographer Anthony Arrigo of Park City, Utah, caught the 8th magnitude star TYC 5807-1036-1 emerging from behind the darkened lunar limb.

Photo by Jeff Ball,
Wayne National Forest, Ohio
Aug. 28, 2007

On August 28, 2007, Earth's shadow fell across the full Moon producing a red and turquoise lunar eclipse visible from the Americas (especially western parts of North America), Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and east Asia. [map] [animation] [Science@NASA story]
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