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"Loud Boom" Believed To Be The Result Of Meteor Shower

California, USA
8/11/07 - Representatives with the Sonora Police Department and both the Tuolumne and Calaveras County Sheriff's Departments say they fielded numerous calls early in the morning in regards to a "loud boom," and "structures shaking." There were several calls from residents who reported seeing "a blue light," just before the "loud boom." The incident reportedly occurred at 12:09am. The Police Department notes that it also received a call from a resident in Tuolumne, in which a female reported s
eeing what she thought was fireworks, and then something spiraling over her house. Early indication from the law enforcement agencies is that the loud boom was somehow the result of a meteor shower.

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COLUMBIA - July 6, 2007 - the sky really was falling over South America, when an incoming object broke apart in the lower atmosphere with a trio of ferocious explosions that shattered windows and shook the ground violently. Moments later, stones rained from the sky and pelted homes in the poor barrios surrounding the city of Cali, Colombia. After a few days of searching, meteor hunters rounded up and purchased several small pieces � some of which had smashed through the roofs of homes � totaling about 270 grams (10 ounces). The hunters estimate that the Cali event must have dropped fragments far more massive than what they were able to collect. Unfortunately, it all ended up in dense cane fields and will never be found. And although the recovered �hammer stones� turned out to be a rather common type of chondritic (rocky) meteorite, they�re already fetching thousands of dollars per gram among meteoritic aficionados.
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