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'Hundreds dead' in North Korea floods

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North Korea

Flooding in North Korea that has killed hundreds of people is worse than last year's massive floods, officials have told the World Food Programme (WFP).

North Korea was devastated by seasonal floods in August last year. Hundreds of people are thought to have died, although exact figures are not known.
Heavy rain has swollen rivers, flooding huge areas of farmland and destroying thousands of homes, state media said.
North Korean authorities have asked the WFP, the UN's food agency, for help.
"Our understanding is that the damage is very extensive. It has affected a greater area than the floods of last year," Paul Risley of the World Food Programme told the BBC News website.
North Korea's official news agency KCNA said Kangwon province has been the worst hit, with 20,000 homes damaged.

'Unceasing rain'
Television pictures from the capital Pyongyang showed people wading along streets through thigh-deep water after rivers burst their banks.
Storms since 7 August had led to "huge human and material damage", KCNA said.
Hundreds of persons are dead or missing and more than 30,000 houses have been destroyed across the country, it added.
At least 800 public buildings, more than 540 bridges and sections of railway were reportedly destroyed by the rain.
"This unceasing heavy rain destroyed the nation's major railways, roads and bridges, suspended power supply and cut off the communications network," the agency said.


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