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Heatwave ignites Japanese power crisis

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Japan faces electricity shortages as a heatwave pushes demand to record levels and strains a supply grid already compromised by the forced shutdown of the world's largest nuclear plant.

Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), the world's biggest private utility, yesterday asked 23 customers in the chemical and non-ferrous metals sectors to cut electricity use as temperatures in the capital hit 37°C, causing residents to use more air-conditioning and pushing Tepco close to its 63.7m kW capacity.

It is the first time in 17 years that Tepco has made such a request, which it is allowed to do under the terms of its contracts with 1,250 big clients.

The government is seeking to trim power use in one of the world's most fuel-efficient economies to meet its obligations under the Kyoto protocol to combat climate change. Yet the country's economic recovery has raised electricity use as manufacturers build new plants and bring mothballed capacity back on line.

TENNESSEE - LONGEST HEAT WAVE IN HISTORY - The heat wave, with temperatures of 95 and above, has lasted 19 days including Wednesday. The previous record is 18 back on August 15th through September 1st of 1993. Wedensday was the 7th day of 100 or above. The record is 15 in 1952. The hottest summer average, June-August is 82.0 in 1993. This summer so far: 81.0 (could break this). The hottest year in Chattanooga: 1938 with an average of 63.1. So far this year: 61.6


COLORADO - RECORD HEAT - This summer Denver recorded 50 days where the mercury has hit or surpassed 90-degrees Fahrenheit, with a rainfall deficit of nearly three and a half inches.

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