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Heat wave sets temperature record of 34 C

The blistering heat that kept air conditioners and fans pumping throughout the day yesterday could have serious health effects for people of all ages, said local health officials. The third day of a scorching heat wave hit Peterborough hard with record-setting temperatures and near-dangerous air quality. David Phillips, spokesman from Environment Canada, said at the peak yesterday, the temperature got up to 34 C with a humidex of 42 at 2 p.m. Three consecutive days with temperatures more than 32 C is the UN definition of a heat wave, said Phillips. The previous record, set on Aug. 2, 1975, was 32.8 C, Phillips said. "Not only did you break a record, you smashed it," he said. "This is a good ol' fashioned heat wave. "If I was in Peterborough today, I wouldn't go outside."

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