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Greek Wildfires, Visible From Space, Shatter Records

Photo: A view from space shows the plume of smoke from wildfires in the hand-shaped Peloppenesian peninsula of Greece. (Image: European Space Agency)

Southern Europe

Satellite sensors detected far more fire-generated �hot spots� in southern European countries in August than they have even during previous spikes in fire activity over the past 10 years. The Greek wildfires, visible from space, SHATTERED RECORDS. Data is beginning to show how immense the burns really were. Greece �has experienced more wildfire activity this August than other European countries have over the last decade.� August was also the worst month for fires in Greece in the past 10 years by a factor of four. There remains the threat of more fires in the next few days. Another major heat wave is expected this weekend, making natural and human-ignited blazes all the more likely.

A distinctly better day dawned across fire-ravaged southern Greece on Thursday, with most wildfires either extinguished or under control, as only four spots - two in the Peloponnese and two on the large island of Evia - were still identified as "problems". Of the four, the worst wildfire was in the verdant Karytaina district of western Arcadia prefecture, in the central Peloponnese. The death toll, meanwhile, of all wildfire-related deaths remained at 64. The week of wildfires in Greece has caused at least $1.7 billion in damage.
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