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Residents scared as mud volcanoes rumble at coast
A pirogue (small boat), bottom right, moves past what appears to be the activities of a "mud volcano" off Radix Point

Fear is erupting among east coast residents living near the emerging mud volcano island in the Atlantic Ocean off Mayaro.

Fisherman are scared that if they get close, their boats will be sucked in, and beachfront residents of Ortoire Village are worried that a large scale eruption could trigger tsunami-like waves.

And in the neighbouring village of Cascadoux Trace, Manzanilla, a long dormant inland mud volcano has begun rumbling and rising faster than ever.

Several smaller bubbling holes have emerged in the village located near the coast, and about eight miles from the growing sea mound.

Wheelchair-bound Andrew Mansingh, 46, who lives downhill of the Cascadoux Trace mud volcano does not believe he will make it out alive if it blew with the ferocity of the Piparo mud volcano ten years ago.

He said: "We would like the experts to come here and tell us if this thing is connected to what is happening in the sea."

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