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Earth Frenzy Radio Network: Program Note

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August 20, 2007

Our Special Guest on the Earth Frenzy Radio Network, will be Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk. Nancy who claims to be an envoy for the Zeta-Reticuli, has the uncanny ability to relay messages to citizens of planet Earth through extra-sensory communications with Alien Beings. Her telepathic communication with the external world has astounded scores of listeners during her many talk show appearances and media lectures.

During this program segment, Nancy will discuss the dramatic earth and climate changes we are now encountering, and give our listeners a better understanding of why she believes that a Rogue Planet is the real menace behind the sudden changes we are now experiencing on earth, as a result of this incoming planet.

She will also give listeners some survival techniques and safe locations for impending disasters in these troubled times.

View the Video Clip: Nibiru:Planet of the Crossing

This is your opportunity to hear and learn much more than what is being told by the mainstream media or world governments.

Earth Frenzy Radio
The program is scheduled to air live tomorrow, August 21st at 4:00 CST.

Special Note
* Those listeners wishing to pose questions to Nancy must use the viewer call-in number (646) 478-5297 prior to 4:45 CST

You may listen to the live segment here

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