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Baseball-sized hail destroys windows, cars, crops in southern Manitoba

Manitoba, Canada
Photo: Hailstones measuring as large as 10 centimetres in diameter fell on Dauphin, Man., during the late-evening storm.(Bev Birss)

A punishing thunderstorm pulverized areas of southern Manitoba on Thursday night, with heavy rain, baseball-sized hail and screaming winds wreaking havoc on cars, homes and trees. A major cleanup effort is underway in Dauphin, where giant hailstones fell for half an hour. In addition to the hail, about 56 millimetres of rain fell in about an hour, while winds gusted to 98 kilometres an hour. Hailstones were measuring as large as 10 centimetres in diameter (over 4 inches).

The hail left fist-sized holes in countless windows at homes, stores, vehicles and even the 'golden arches' outside the local McDonald's restaurant. Severe thunderstorms also lit up the sky at Delta Beach, north of Portage la Prairie, and in Winnipeg, bringing winds blowing harder than 100 kilometres an hour. The storm forced a pilot to make an emergency landing in a canola field south of Portage la Prairie just after midnight. Photo: Residents of Dauphin, Man., described hailstones like these and others the size of baseballs and grapefruits pulverizing their homes, vehicles and crops. (Justin Tokarchuk)
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