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Anger over volcano off Point Radix, Trinidad

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Southern Caribbean

On Monday, delegates from several organisations journeyed to Mayaro to discuss with the residents the possible dangers of eruption from the off-shore mud volcano. The mud volcano began rising about three months ago, but residents say they had been calling on the authorities for some time to investigate a gas bubble spotted at sea, but no one did anything until an article appeared in the newspaper. When it was first seen it was an oil bubble that grew quickly, and it has been growing ever since. Officials said there was no danger to residents on shore.

INDONESIA - Lava and hot gas clouds from Mount Karangetang volcano in eastern Indonesia are threatening more villages. Lava has already spread more than 1.5 kilometres down Mount Karangetang's western and southeastern slopes, where more than a dozen villages are located. "We've recorded volcanic tremors that indicates more lava will climb to the crater's surface. At least four more villages on the western slope are at risk of being swallowed by lava." Another hundred people have left their homes to join nearly 600 people who have already sought refuge in the nearest town. The alert status was raised to maximum at the weekend after hot clouds started moving eastwards, posing a threat to hundreds of people. Another volcano 175km south of Mount Karangetang has also been spewing ash and sending debris down its slopes. But Mount Soputan, which lies on the northern tip of the Sulawesi island, is not yet seen as a threat to nearby villages.
ETHIOPIA - A volcano that erupted earlier this month in remote northern Ethiopia killed five people and drove more than 2,000 from their homes. The volcano, which rocked the arid Afar region bordering Eritrea and Djibouti for three days from August 12, also killed about 1,370 camels and goats. The eruption also opened a 10km crack in the ground and spewed lava 300m in the air. The Afar region is dotted with ancient salt mines and is for the most part inhabited by nomadic herders.

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