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Tornadoes hit North Island, New Zealand

Photo Above: The roof of New Plymouth's PlaceMakers store comes to rest against a tree. Photo / Carey Davis

New Zealand
July 04, 2007

Tornadoes hit in Taranaki, Auckland and Tauranga

Tornadoes have wreaked havoc, with a twister tearing through New Plymouth
Police in New Plymouth said it was amazing no one was killed or injured when a twister ripped through the city causing extensive damage to property.
It tore off roofs, squashed cars, smashed windows and threw debris around the city centre.
An Auckland fire communications spokesman said at least one person was injured during the tornado which hit south-east Auckland, tearing through an area between Botany Rd and Golfland Drive about 3.30pm.
Sounding like a freight train, the tornado came off the sea and ripped off the local Placemakers building roof, before tearing through shop windows and houses heading south.

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