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Tidal Waves Pound India Coastline

July 6, 2007

Violent tidal waves have been battering the coastlines of Kanyakumari district in the southern tip of India lately, with 4 people dead and more than 50 fishing boats destroyed. Along the coast the gushing sea waves continued to pound about 24 villages. The villagers are living in fear of the the rising waves that have been creeping into the beach, destroying houses, property, unearthing coconut trees and gobbling nearby land. "We live in fear every day because the waves continue to push itself inland and we don't know why this is happening." Fishermen in the village have not gone fishing for months because of the rough seas. "We don't know how to explain this (regular rising tidal waves)." 69 out of 360 houses have been completely destroyed recently. During the peak Indian southwest monsoon, which falls between June and July, the tides lap deeper inland, causing more danger to the unprotected villagers. The rising sea waves have become a regular phenomenon, more frequent since the Indonesian tsunami in 2004. That tsunami killed almost 800 people in this part of the country. "I suspect after the tsunami, there are some changes at the sea bottom." Panic-stricken villagers are baffled about the UNUSUAL rising tidal waves, while marine scientists have yet to establish the reason for this RARE phenomenon in this coastal area. It is worse this year compared to last year.
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