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Sydney Council: Prepare for emergencies

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Residents of Sydney are being urged to have a "Go Bag" packed ready for serious emergencies, such as big storms, fires and terrorist attacks. The bags should be easy to carry, stored at home and at work and contain important documents, maps, phone numbers, insurance details, AM/FM radio, first-aid kit, spare set of keys, coins and spare glasses or contact lenses. A 'Let's Get Ready Sydney' guide encourages developing a personal emergency plan with family and friends, so that they all know what to do, where to meet and how to communicate in an emergency, when mobile phone services might be disrupted. The guide also suggests becoming familiar with workplace evacuation points and remembering to tune in to radio and TV stations for updates. "A serious emergency such as a fire, hazardous materials incident, flood, severe storm or transport accident, could cause significant disruption to the community and will require a coordinated and immediate response. "These incidents would have an impact on Sydneysiders and their families and friends and it's important that people think about what to do if they are directly involved, or if regular transport arrangements or mobile phones are affected."
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