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Storm rips off roofs, cuts power in northwestern Saskatchewan

Breaking Storm News
Saskatchewan, Canada

SASKATOON -- Lorraine McSween thought someone had thrown a rock through her triple-paned bedroom window. It turns out it was her new fence, which had been blown three metres into the air by a powerful storm that wreaked havoc on northwestern Saskatchewan early Sunday.

McSween's home and several other homes in Warman were the victims of a powerful thunderstorm that ripped through the province after just midnight Saturday, leaving behind a trail of damage from just outside Saskatoon all the way to the Spiritwood area, 175 kilometres northwest of the city.

Environment Canada said a powerful downdraft -- a sudden descent of cool air to the ground -- created winds of up to 110 km/h, ripped roofs off of homes, sent golf carts through the air and uprooted and bent trees in some parts of the province. They had several reports of high plow winds and funnel clouds.

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