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Moluccans urged to flee spewing volcano

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Jakarta (dpa) - A volcano in the eastern Indonesian province of North Maluku erupted Monday spewing hot ash and black smoke up to 4,000-metres into the sky, prompting government authorities to urge residents in endangered areas to flee.

Mount Gamhonora volcano on Halmahera Island in North Maluku province, about 2,380 kilometres north-east of Jakarta, has become increasingly active in the past days. On Monday the volcano erupted belching hot ash from its crater and sending volcanic materials to nearby areas. The volcano's alert st
atus was raised to the highest level - that means villagers in 10 villages within an eight-kilometre radius must flee. Frequent tremors have been recorded from Mount Gamhonora's crater since Sunday. Photo Above: Ash clouds spew from Mt Gamkonora which is one of one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia

INDONESIA - authorities have begun the mass evacuation of thousands of people as the Mount Merapi volcano on the island of Java begins to show signs of increased activity threatening to send streams of lava towards residential areas. But many people have refused to abandon their homes and crops. The volcano has been rumbling for several weeks, and has now begun to issue clouds of volcanic ash and lava. Authorities have raised the level of danger to code red.

HAWAII - Lava is again flowing steadily into the Puu Oo crater at Kilauea Volcano, the main source of lava at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for the last two decades. "Both east and west vents were again active and a new stationary, fuming spot developed early Sunday morning. The level of the lava pond continues to rise." The east vent had been active for several days. The west vent "seemed to sputter back to life" over the weekend. There is a continuing flurry of earthquakes in the upper east rift zone and Kilauea summit continues to inflate. The tiltmeter on the north side of Puu Oo cone recorded 7 microradians of inflation over the past week. Seismic tremor levels spiked twice Saturday night.

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