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Kamchatka Sprinkles America with Ashes

July 02, 2007

The tail of ashes from the eruption of the volcano Kluchevskoy at Kamchatka spread for two thousand kilometers and reached the coast of Alaska. Above the crater of Kluchevskoy, which is considered the highest active volcano in Eurasia, the latest column of ashes rose in height up to 8.5 km. The tail of ashes spread hundreds of kilometers above the Bering Sea. Seismic stations in the area of the volcano registered volcanic trembling and local earthquakes. Lava-streams flow down the slope at temperatures over one thousand degrees Celsius. There is no danger to settlements of the peninsula. At the same time, melting of glaciers at its slopes under the influence of lava can cause the descent of powerful mud streams, threatening people and equipment in their path. Emissions and tails of ash present a danger to aviation when volcanic ashes get into the turbines of planes.

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