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Heavy rain pattern likely to continue in Texas

Texas, USA
Photo: Search One Rescue volunteers from Dallas, Sue Daniel, left, and Neil Benton, with dog Pepper, search for flood victims near Pecan Creek in Gainesville, Texas, on Tuesday. Donna Mcwilliam (AP)

July 23, 2007

The so-called "rain bomb" that hit South Texas over the weeked was just the latest in a series of record breaking rainfall events. The soaking summer weather pattern has been wreaking havoc across much of the State of Texas.

On June 28, Marble Falls got close to 19 inches of rain -- sweeping cars, trailers and even people downstream. Joe Arellano, the meteorologist in charge for the National Weather Service says it was rather unusual.

"I would classify it at least as a 100-year event -- getting 18 inches plus is not something we see very often," he said.


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