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Heat wave wreaks havoc across Southeast Europe

Southeast Europe
Drought, fire, electricity outages and water shortages are among the effects of a heat wave that has afflicted Southeast Europe during the past weeks. Rivers are drying up, and crops are being destroyed at an UNPRECEDENTED level. Even when the searing temperatures have abated, the impact – in terms of the economy – could be felt for a long time to come.

VIETNAM - A heat wave threatens to accompany droughts and spark epidemics in Vietnam until September, experts say. Localities in the northern-lowlands, northern-central provinces and the west-Central Highlands region will be hardest hit by the hot spell, which might bring water shortages and human and cattle disease outbreaks. However, the heat will also be accompanied by heavy rains in all other areas of the country through October. Severe hot spells have already hurt the central region, triggering in several forest fires and prolonged droughts in Nghe An province, where rivers and lakes have dried up, causing a serious shortage of water.
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