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Hail rains down on Abingdon

Virginia/Tn, USA
Photo: Shawn Reap, 16, holds some of the Hail that feel in Abingdon on Monday. Shawn was riding in a car during the rain/hail storm along Main St. Photo Earl Neikirk/Bristol Herald Courier

July 24, 2007
Add one more thing to this year’s list of wacky weather – balls of ice resembling tiny snowballs in July.Thirty minutes after a surprise thunderstorm crashed overhead and rolled through town, the piles of marble-sized hail were still melting in downtown Abingdon.

The hail wasn’t large enough to dent cars or cause other damage, but there was lots of it.

Shaun Reap, 16, was driving down Main Street when the storm hit, and he said he’d never seen such hail. He said it sounded like “someone throwing rocks at the car.”
“You couldn’t see. There were cars pulled all over the side of the road and stuff,” he said. “It’s pretty scary to drive in. I probably don’t want to do it again.”
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