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Hackenberg Apiary, Pennsylvania - 75-80% Honey Bee Loss in 2007.

Photo: Honey bees crowding on hive. Millions have disappeared without explanation
so far in North America, Europe, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Guatemala, Brazil. High
on the list of possible causes are pesticides such as neonicitinoids made
from nicotine, which can harm bee memories and immune systems.

June 28, 2007
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania - The Apiary Inspectors of America reported last week that the still-puzzling phenomenon of disappearing honey bees that scientists call “Colony Collapse Disorder” has been reported in 35 states, 5 Canadian provinces, a dozen European countries, China, Taiwan, Guatemala and Brazil. And today the Apiary Inspectors of America President, Jerry Hayes, who has been in Russia the past three weeks, indicates that Ukraine honey bee keepers have reported massive disappearances through March of this year as well. The Apiary Inspectors estimate that a quarter of American beekeeping operations in the United States lost more than 50% of their colonies between September 2006 and March 2007, and that some beekeepers lost 90%.

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