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Evacuations urged as waters rise

Photo: Not going anywhere: Two local residents survey the water surrounding their Newry home.
Photo: Craig Sillitoe

July 01, 2007
Residents of the four most vulnerable flood-affected areas in Gippsland were last night being urged to evacuate rather than risk being stranded by waters expected to reach 1.6 metres above normal levels. Authorities were suggesting evacuations as Gippsland entered its fourth day of flooding after the HEAVIEST RAINFALLS IN ALMOST 40 YEARS.

This year's weather in Townsville has been anything but predictable. Last month LONG-STANDING RECORDS WERE BROKEN ACROSS THE BOARD – from rainfall totals to temperatures. The UNUSUAL run of weather has stunned weather forecasters. It began with floods in February when hundreds of millimetres of rain fell over a few days. And June, usually one of the city's driest months with only 10mm falling last year, has seen 111mm of rain fall. A Government study will look at how the wet season is likely to be affected by climate change.
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