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July 09, 2007

The Facts about Planet X

The Sumerian description of our solar system includes one more planet which they called "Nibiru", which means "Planet of the Crossing". The Description of this planet by the Sumerians describes precisely the specifications of Planet X (the 10th planet).

The Sumerian culture, which is the oldest known culture on Earth, had an amazing knowledge of the solar system. They recorded stories such as the great flood which have been preserved through the modern-day biblical passages found in both the old and new testiment. They also speak of a time in which man lived among their living gods here on earth. They called their gods, "Anunnaki", which is translated to mean, "those who from heaven to earth came."

Our Special Guest on the Earth Frenzy Radio Network, will be Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk. Nancy who claims to be an envoy for the Zeta-Reticuli, has the uncanny ability to relay messages to citizens of planet Earth through extra-sensory communications with Alien Beings. Her telepathic communication with the external world has astounded scores of listeners during her many talk show appearances and media lectures.

During this program segment, Nancy will discuss the whereabouts of Planet X, and give our listeners a better understanding of why this Rogue Planet is the real menace behind the sudden climate and earth changes we are now experiencing on earth, including the magnetic disturbances affecting our solar system, as a result of this incoming planet.

For those who may be curious as to why this planet is not yet visible to the naked eye, you may be interested in knowing that a rather startling depiction of an incoming red object (seen Below) was sent into
Coast to Coast AM during Nancy's recent interview with George Noory

Further Evidence Does Exist
In the Spring of 2003 I decided to Search the skies for myself to see if there was any truthfulness behind the theoretical existence of Planet X. To my amazement I captured what appears to be an incoming object from the far side of the Sun. Was it Planet X?

This is your opportunity to learn more than what is being told by the mainstream media or world governments.

The program is scheduled to air live tomorrow, July 10 at 12 noon CST.

You may listen to the show here

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