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Unusual Storms Approach From Northeast

June, 2007
Look outside carefully, and you'll see those puffy cumulus clouds moving from the northeast, a very unusual direction for this time of year. The circulation around a persistent low pressure area off the Atlantic coast, along with its cold air aloft, has promoted the development of a widespread area of thunderstorms, some severe, over southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware this afternoon. These storms have been moving "backwards" (southwesterly) into northeastern Maryland
Weather Observations
PENNSYLVANIA - Weather forecasters say the storm moving through the area on Tuesday, June 12, was UNUSUAL in at least one way - direction. The storm came courtesy of weather moving in from the northeast. Typically severe summer weather comes from the south or west. “That was the odd thing." Usually when a low pressure moves in from the northeast, as happened Tuesday, the temperature isn't warm enough to cause thunderstorms. But Tuesday was hot in eastern and central Pennsylvania and the storms stretched from Scranton to Philadelphia and as far west as Johnstown. “It's just UNUSUAL for storms to travel east to west
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