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Flooding Chaos in the U.K.

Breaking Earth News U.K.
Torrential rain swept across Britain yesterday bringing flooding, tornados and death on the wettest June day on record.

Hundreds of shoppers and office workers were last night stranded by rising waters in the Meadow Hall area of Sheffield as rescue helicopters were airlifting to safety those in most need. One of those trapped described cars floating down the road outside as floodwaters swelled by four feet in a matter of minutes.

In Humberside, hundreds of motorists were marooned on the main route into Hull as floodwater and stranded cars blocked the A63 into the city. Motorists and lorry drivers were standing in the road and sitting on their vehicles in the five-mile tailback in the South Cave area.

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Some parts of Britain had an entire month's worth of rain just in a few hours. The floods could cost the economy millions of pounds, as workers would likely turn up late at work in the coming days, if they manage to make it at all, due to disruptions on transport networks. The number of people in bad trouble was continuing to rise through the evening as reports came in of thousands of people being without power. Elsewhere in Britain rivers broke their banks, flooding roads and homes from Devon in southwest England, to Yorkshire in the north.


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