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Denver's Latest Spring Freeze Followed By 90-Degree Heat

Colorado, USA
June 11, 2007

Temps Swing 60 Degrees In 2 Days

DENVER -- Residents of Colorado's Front Range awoke Friday morning to frost-covered windshields as temperatures dropped to the lowest readings in over 50 years.
Just one day later they were at local pools enjoying temperatures in the mid-80s.
The temperature at Denver International Airport fell to 31 degrees at 5:44 a.m. Friday, setting a new record low for the date.
The previous record for June 8 was 37 degrees, last set in 1974.
In addition to the new record low, the sub-freezing temperatures also became the latest freeze on record for the city of Denver and the second-coldest June temperature ever recorded.
The previous date of latest freeze on record was June 2, 1951.
Temperatures in Denver have only dropped below freezing two other times during the month of June; 32 degrees on June 1, 1919 and 30 degrees on June 2, 1951.
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