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Arab States to Face Acute Water Shortage

(MENAFN - Arab News) DUBAI, 24 May 2007 — Arab states would face a water deficit of 100 to 133 billion cubic meters per year by 2030 and it is going to be the biggest economic, social and environmental challenge facing the Arab nations, warned Dr. Saeed Al-Kindi, UAE minister of environment and water, while addressing the opening session of a workshop titled "Integrated Water Resources Management" at Dusit Dubai. Photo: Water shortage in Damascus

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NIGERIA - Acute water shortage has hit most parts of Kano state in the last four days with youths and the aged seen on the streets of Kano searching for water. Water vendors have raised the cost of a jerry can by over 400% from N20 per can to about N80 in places where the water could be found. The situation is coming at the worst time, when many wells have dried up due to the biting dry season. The scarcity arose from burst pipes due to excessive pressure they experienced during pumping. New pumping machines acquired and currently in use were too powerful for the pipes, thereby causing damage to the two major pipelines used for water distribution.

BARBADOS - Water shortage woes afflicting residents of St. Thomas are also tapping into businesses in that parish and surrounding areas. "The very dry spell and heavy demand have resulted in severe shortages being experienced at the three sources which feed this reservoir – Warleigh, Lodge Hill and Applewaites. There is definitely evidence of dropping water levels at some well sources." It also listed water outages to Welches, Redman's Village, Bagatelle, Arthur Seat, Sharon, Cane Garden, Melrose, Edgehill Heights and surrounding areas because of an empty Shop Hill Reservoir. Water levels were also low at the Lodge Hill, Golden Ridge and Castle Grant reservoirs. The affected reservoirs will require some time for water levels to rise and resume normal service to the affected areas.
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