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Western Montana soaked with record-breaking rain

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Montana, USA

KALISPELL - Heavy rains and even some snow soaked western Montana on Thursday, breaking wet-weather records and pushing rivers higher with spring runoff.“Missoula has already set a record today,” Ray Nickless said at midafternoon Thursday, “and it's still raining.”
According to the National Weather Service in Missoula, the storm had delivered 0.79 inches of moisture to Missoula since midnight. The previous May 3 record of 0.52 was set in 1964. Kalispell also set a record with 0.71 inches, as did Butte with 0.61 inches. More than 2 inches fell in Noisy Basin, high in the mountains east of Kalispell.

Torrential Rains/ Floods/ Landslides

CANADA - In Calgary on the 3rd, the city got hit with a RECORD 36.6 mm of rain in a 12-hour period - washing away the previous May 3 record of 15.2 mm from 1996.

AFGHANISTAN - One Czech soldier was killed and another injured in a landslide that swept a Czech military convoy in northern Afghanistan. The rock and mud landslide Thursday evening hit a four-vehicle Czech military convoy. The accident occurred during a storm about 20 miles outside a Czech military base in northern Afghanistan. Flooding caused by heavy rains in northeastern Afghanistan left 15 people dead and destroyed dozens of houses on Thursday.

INDIA - Heavy rains during the last three days has taken a toll of 11 people. More than 500 trees were uprooted in the city of Mysore and more then 50 vehicles were damaged. The authorities have been struggling hard to clear the trees which affected traffic at various points. Meanwhile the entire city was under dark due to power supply failure following torrential rains. The water supply to the city was also affected. In Lucknow, May 3, the 43-mm rain recorded was the HIGHEST EVER IN THE FIRST WEEK OF MAY. The humidity reached 100 per cent. The weather was responsible for the loss of at least one life. In Itaunja, a man died after being hit by lightning.

GUAM - Get ready for the rainy season, the National Weather Service says, as Guam's dry season may end sooner than expected. The El Nino conditions that caused this year's mini-drought have ended and returned to what is called "Enso Neutral" or normal. This means that they are now in a transition phase from the dry-to-rainy season sooner than they anticipated. "The reason for this is that initially it was induced by the El Nino that we had last year so this is the drought following the El Nino, but it was a fairly weak El Nino event and it ended quite abruptly." Now if another weather phenomenon known as La Nina develops, this year's typhoon season could be a relatively tame one.
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