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Six km of Talakundha forest gutted in mysterious fire

Thalakundha (TN), May 27: About six-kilometre area of Talakundha forest in Tamil Nadu has been gutted in a fire, which is suspected to have broken out from a small volcano.
The fire and smoke from a crater in the forest continue to spread. Hot black coal-like material, possibly magma, can be seen inside it."We received information that a large amount of smoke was emerging from the forest. Initially, I thought it might be a forest fire. But when fire services went there, they saw a huge fire and smoke coming from the forest, and due to the heat, trees were falling down. We still cannot make out what has caused this. If the same situation continues, a major fire accident may take place," said Sardar, a fireman. "This seems to be very dangerous and also the gas coming out from the earth is causing nausea to people in the vicinity", he added.The forestland seems to have collapsed by about five-six feet because of the volcano-type situation. Geologists said methane gas could be coming out of the craters, which causes dizziness and nausea.Locals said they have been seeing the fire in the forest for the past one month. Some village elders even said that their ancestors had talked about similar fire some 100 years ago in the vicinity.Interestingly, the only active volcano in India is located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal.
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