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Moscow Swelters in Heat Wave

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Yesterday was the HOTTEST MAY DAY IN MOSCOW FOR OVER A CENTURY: thermometers on May 28 read +32.9 degrees Celsius (91.2 degrees Fahrenheit), and meteorologists say that the Russian capital HAS NOT SEEN SUCH A SUSTAINED STREAK OF +30-DEGREE DAYS IN MAY FOR 128 YEARS. "It's really an extreme event." Due to the heat, some Moscow businesses are being obliged to cut down on energy consumption, something that usually only happens during winter's most severe frosts. Meteorologists warn that the heat will last at least until the end of the week, when Moscow will get a brief reprieve before the abnormally hot weather returns. "For the last week – May 23, 27, and 28 – several temperature records have been broken." The UNUSUAL heat is due to a massive high-pressure system sitting over Kazakhstan. "As it revolves, it is sending hot air from Central Asia to Russia. As a result of the high-pressure system, all of European Russia is experiencing hot weather – since last week, every other city in this region has seen new temperature records set. Moscow is experiencing almost the same temperature as in Cairo or the Arabian Desert."
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