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Global Warming Tourism

May 03, 2007

Bored with your usual holiday? Try watching bits of the world as they start to heat up!
The effects of climate change are leading to a distinctive new form of 21st-century travel: global-warming tourism.

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A US tour company will be running a special trip this summer to view Warming Island, the remarkable new feature of the Greenland coast produced by the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and featured on the front page of The Independent last week.
Betchart Expeditions of Cupertino, California, a company specialising in natural history tours and safaris all over the world, is mounting a 12-day voyage to the new island, 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle, led by the man who discovered it in 2005, the veteran American explorer Dennis Schmitt.
Travellers will set out in September from Reykjavik in Iceland and sail in comfort on board the 50-passenger expedition ship, MVAleksey Maryshev across the Denmark Strait to the island's location half-way up Greenland's remote east coast.

A group of European students travel deep into the Arctic circle to witness the effects of climate change and draw inspiration for setting up environmental campaigns back home. The Ben and Jerry Climate Change College was started by the well-known American ice-cream maker, the World Wide Nature Fund and Dutch polar explorer Mark Cornelissen, who all share a desire to raise awareness of and fight global warming.

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