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Global Warming – A Christian Issue?

Polar Ice Cap Melting - Cause by human or nature? (Christian Today Australia )
Skywatch-Media Special Report
By: Sze Leng Chan
Christian Today Correspondent

May 05, 2007
The issue of climate change and more specifically global warming has become increasing prominent in Australia, as a Federal Election is fast approaching. The latest factor to boost this issue into the spotlight was the contrasting position each major party had taken to deal with global warming. The question for Christians is whether this issue should be a consideration in deciding who they vote for?The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN’s leading authority on climate change, in February this year said temperatures have risen by 0.76 degrees Celsius (1.37 Fahrenheit) since the 19th century and it is ‘very likely’ caused by people, reported Bloomberg. Reverend John Henderson, the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches in Australia, in response to this issue said, “…We do know that human activity is doing great, and maybe irreparable, damage to our home, the earth.”In the ‘Australia’s Faith Communities on Climate Change’ report published last year, the Australian Baptist Churches said there was ‘overwhelming scientific evidence show(ing) that humans have caused much of the global warming occurring today.’ Even though the cause of global warming is hotly contested by both sides, Christians are split as to how to respond to this issue. Some believe that Christians should stay clear of it given that there is ‘no consensus on this issue.’ However others are urging for immediate action to tackle this problem, saying the failure to do so will ‘cause severe consequences.


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