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BIZARRE: A spectacular tornado sucks up soil near Lara yesterday during an eight-minute meteorological show. Photo: DAVE EVANS

Massive storm clouds clashed to unleash a spectacular tornado near the You Yangs yesterday. The storm front developed about 3pm at the foot of the mountains and gained momentum as it sucked up dirt from dusty paddocks su
rrounding Lara. The tornado spanned almost two kilometres and reached heights up to 700m before it died down after an eight-minute afternoon spectacle. Residents were amazed by the size of the tornado, which produced a black twisting haze above the mountains. One witness captured the majority of the tornado on video. He said the experience was surreal. "It was like a double tube, like there was a tornado inside the tornado. It was really weird. It was just amazing. I can't believe I've seen one of those today. There was no wind, no nothin' and just this cloud that produced this cell." Tornadoes are usually associated with the super cell variety but this storm didn't fit into that category.

This video taken on Monday, May 14, is of a mini tornado in the You Yangs north of Geelong

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