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Extra-Tropical Storm Washing Away Volusia County Coast

Florida, USA
May 08, 2007
NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- When it comes to our beaches, the extra-tropical storm off the Atlantic coast may cause even more damage than a hurricane. Volusia County officials are getting a little concerned about homes that have no sea wall.
When the sun came up in New Smyrna Beach on Tuesday, beachgoers saw quite a sight. High waves pounded the sand and lapped at the seawall. It was enough to impress even the most experienced surfers.
"I've never seen it this big," said surfer Ryan Sedang.
The Atlantic low pressure system was battering Volusia County’s beaches, Tuesday, and county officials said it's hard to predict how much erosion it could cause.
The winds coming from the north and northeast have a history of sucking Volusia's sand out to sea. The unusual waves have some who stay along the coast feeling a little uneasy.

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