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Earth Changes and the Passage of the 10th Planet

Skywatch-Media Special Presentation
May 14, 2007
Video Talk:Earth Changes and the Passage of PlanetX
Quest Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk
This presentation is 49 minutes long and includes several intermissions.

Nancy Lieder has made it her mission in life to prepare the inhabitants of planet Earth for the drastic earth changes that will accompany the passage of Planet X, or the Twelfth Planet. As a contactee and emissary of a race of extraterrestrials known as the Zetas, (from Zeta Reticuli) Nancy has ongoing, lucid contact and has been sharing their information through her website. (See below)

Traumatic earth changes are, according to the Zetas, about to occur because of the passage of Planet X. As this magnetic giant passes by, it will force our North and South Poles to rotate 90 degrees. The shifting poles will drag the Earth's crust with them, ultimately producing a new global map in a matter of hours in a massive cataclysm affecting all life on earth. These events have occurred before, as ancient legends and Prophecies fortell, creating what man interprets to be ice ages, wandering poles and the flood, and have resulted in the extinction of the Mastodon and the sinking of Atlantis.

However, humans have in the past and will again this time, survive these cataclysms, and in the section of Nancy's website known as "Troubled Times", a volunteer organization was formed to help. The Troubled Times mission is to place into the public record a set of solutions for survival into the next century, solutions that are affordable, attainable, and which will produce a healthy lifestyle in the Aftertime.

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Out There TV March 13, 2007

Zetatalk the Book

Nemesis: The King of Terror: Seven Orbits of Planet X through the Solar System

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