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Water shortage looming crisis for Earth

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Kanuri tribal women carry water in Niger. Traveling to collect water may have many negative ramifications for the people who live in such areas. A recent report indicates that about one-third of the global population reside in areas of moderate-to-high water stress.

The world is running out of water. Humans are polluting, depleting, and diverting its finite freshwater supplies so quickly, we are creating massive new deserts and generating global warming from below.

In many parts of the world, surface waters are too polluted for human use. Ninety per cent of wastewater in the Third World is discharged untreated. Eighty per cent of China's and 75 per cent of India's surface waters are too polluted for drinking, fishing, or even bathing. The story is the same in most of Africa and Latin America.

Humans, using powerful new technology, are mining groundwater sources far faster than they can be replaced, creating drought in once-fertile areas. When water is taken from an aquifer to grow crops in the desert, another desert is created. A recent scientific report from the United Kingdom warned of "coming anarchy" in Asia as water is sucked out of the ground by untold millions of bore wells.

Find out about people's struggle to get sufficient water for themselves, their cattle and their crops. Join them on their life-preserving trips to the nearerst water source - a well, river or standpipe within minutes, hours or days of their homes.

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