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Strong winds wreak havoc

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California, USA
Havoc ... strong winds have fanned brush fires and knocked out power across Los Angeles / AP / The Associated Press

Strong winds have wreaked havoc across Los Angeles, fanning brush fires near one of the city's most exclusive neighbourhoods and knocking out power to 76,000 homes. One multimillion-dollar home was gutted and three more suffered damage, one severely, after a wind-whipped fire erupted near Beverly Hills. The winds also toppled several large trees across Los Angeles and shrouded the city's downtown skyline in clouds of dust.


Monrovia Fire Department officials recently announced that wildfires are no longer just a seasonal occurrence. In fact, in just the last two weeks firefighters were sent to Hesperia and Orange County wildfires. �These fires occurred outside the normal brush fire season, the L.A. county season does not have a season anymore.� The �normal� fire season traditionally begins April and runs through until December. �These days, wildfires occur throughout the year.� Last month the National Weather Service reported that Los Angeles experienced a RECORD LOW in rainfall, 2.4 inches, during the six month period starting last July.
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