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Scientists warn of dust bowl disaster

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Photo: Warning ... US scientists say the "dust bowl", a depression-era environmental disaster that drove 500,000 people from the southwestern states, may soon return / File /whyfiles.org

U.S.- the "dust bowl", a Depression-era environmental disaster that drove 500,000 people from the southwestern American states, may soon return, US scientists have warned. The same area is “expected to dry up notably in this century and could become as arid as the North American dust bowl of the 1930s.” The process may already be under way. “The recent prolonged drought (in that area) is probably the beginning of the climate change.” The more arid climate will be UNLIKE ANY CONDITIONS THAT EXIST ON RECORD FOR THE AREA, which covers the southwest of the US and parts of northern Mexico and will leave the American Southwest in perpetual drought for the next 90 years. Unlike that area's recent droughts, which were caused by sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean know as El Nino, “the new aridity is caused by a poleward expansion of the subtropical dry zones.”
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