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Sandstorms And Hailstones Plague the Kingdom

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Kuwait has been hit by a bizarre bout of torrential rain, with giant hailstones battering one of the driest countries in the world.
Twice as much rain fell in 30 hours than the average level for the whole of the year.
The freak weather conditions have caused widespread flooding with roads, schools and businesses closed and a number of flights cancelled.
The rain got so intense that drivers were forced to stop their cars on the motorways amid winds of up to 70mph, which also caused sandstorms.
Kuwait airport said 30cm of rain fell there in just over a day while 25cm came down in Kuwait City. One report said there was 19cm in the space of six hours.
These levels are thought to have been unprecedented - annual rainfall varies from 7.5cm-15cm a year across the country.
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