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Peru’s Ubinas volcano: authorities request to reactivate evacuation plans

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Peru. S.A.

FYI:A broad, quasi-symmetrical cone, Ubinas has a truncated appearance from the ground due to a large summit crater.The cone steepens towards the summit with slopes of almost 45 degrees near the summit. The summit complex consists of a large (1.2 km diameter), steep walled (100 -150 m high) outer caldera whose floor is ash covered. An ash cone occupies the central portion of the caldera and is itself truncated to the south by the most recent vent (SC); a triangular funnel shaped depression 500 m in diameter and ~200 m deep. According to Hantke & Parodi (1966) the floor of the vent is flat and is about 100 m in diameter.

March 30, 2007
The head of Peru’s ‘Disaster Prevention and Training center’ (PREDES), Gilberto Romero, requested on Friday that regional government authorities of the southern region of Moquegua reactivate evacuation plans of the population living near the Ubinas volcano in lieu of a possible new eruption.
Local townspeople reported they felt an explosion early Friday at approximately 5 a.m. causing concerns over another imminent eruption of the 18,609 feet high (5672 m) stratovolcano.
It was almost exactly a year ago that Ubinas started belching out ash, smoke and toxic gases again after it had been inactive for almost 40 years. Thousands of people living in nearby rural were evacuated, livestock was killed and sources of water were polluted.

Ecuador's Reventador volcano spews ash
QUITO, Ecuador - A volcano in Ecuador's Andes erupted Friday, shooting plume of ash nearly two miles into the sky but causing no injuries or damage, authorities said.
Liliana Troncoso of Ecuador's Geophysics Institute told The Associated Press that Reventador volcano had been showing increasing signs of activity since January, but that this eruption does not pose a threat to any nearby villages.
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