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Longview breaks 91-year-old temperature record

Weather Observations
Texas, USA

Photo: Crandall, Texas resident watches the snow fall Saturday afternoon during a monthly shooting competition of the Texas Peacemakers near Starrville, about 25 miles west of Longview.

April 08, 2007
Longview broke a 91-year-old weather record Saturday with the LOWEST RECORDED HIGH TEMPERATURE SINCE 1902, when weather data here was first recorded. But it was the lunchtime falling snow that seemed to grab everyone's attention. "We don't even get much snow in winter here, so when you see snow in April, that means there is some pretty cold air aloft." The snow and record-breaking temperatures were a result of polar vortex, which is stationary but spinning over the Great Lakes. "That vortex is pulling in cold air from Canada. Meanwhile, April is an active month for the jet stream in our part of the country and it's pulling the cold air (from the vortex) to us."
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