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New Jersey, USA
April 11, 2007
The world's quickly changing environment is ominous, even terrifying. The overall increasing warmth throughout the United States is altering horticultural charts and bird-watching regimens. Many migratory birds over-winter in the Southern United States instead of flying farther south. Plants that traditionally sprouted in April are emerging in March. Last year, due to abnormally warm weather, cherry trees throughout Montclair blossomed in January. Towns like Montclair are being directly affected by global warming. Down to the microbial level, everything is experiencing changes that are impossible to predict. due to increasingly disruptive weather conditions. Based on the evolution of weather patterns during the past century, there will be more intense storms wreaking more damage to greater areas of the world. A microburst, or inverted tornado, struck Montclair in 2006, resulting in much destruction in some neighborhoods and days-long disruption for many residents. The odds of a freak storm like that are going to increase as we go into the future. The increasingly disruptive weather might result in heat waves, increased smog or ground-level ozone that will worsen New Jersey's already high asthma rate, and create political and legal consequences such as energy rationing, costly flood preparations and higher healthcare costs. In creating methods to curtail or reverse global warming and global weather disruptions - There's a kid in college right now who's going to come up with new technology we can't envision now. The personal level is important. The state and local level is where the transformation of our society is going to take place.
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