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Flooding kills at least 15 in Algeria

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Algiers - Flooding in a rural region of Algeria has left at least 15 people dead and seven missing, the national police reported on Sunday. Search operations were still in progress, and the toll could rise.Pounding rains in the M'Sila region, about 250km south-east of Algiers, fed small rivers that overflowed their banks, carrying off most victims, police said. A group of people aboard a tourist van swept up by the waters of the Oued Tamsa were among the missing.Roads were cut and several bridges were destroyed by the flooding, leaving some villages isolated. At least three homes in the village of Souamma were destroyed, officials said.


JORDAN - civil defence teams were searching on Sunday for a Russian tourist believed to have been swept away by a massive landslide at a spa near the Dead Sea. “We recovered the body of the Russian female tourist (on Saturday) but we are still searching for the missing man. Witnesses saw the couple being swept away and therefore we assume that we are searching for a body.” The landslide occurred on Friday following a heavy downpour in the Maeen hot springs. The woman’s body surfaced five kilometres (three miles) from the site of the springs, which lie 120 metres (about 400 feet) below sea level. Rocks and sand blocked the entrance to the spa following Friday’s heavy rains, with water levels rising four to five metres (12-15 feet).

PENNSYLVANIA -USA- A landslide pummeled the Greenfield neighborhood Sunday, sending mud, debris, and even a tree crashing down a hill. Just one week after crews cleaned up a massive landslide, they were back along Beechwood Boulevard to clean up this one. Neighbors said they expect another landslide, and can see that the hill is giving way. "There's going to be more there. They're just going to keep falling. They're not going to just stop. There's one perched that's set to come down through our house like an axe." Many residents who live below the falling hill are moving out, at least until the problem is solved. "If the hill itself, these rocks - which are like 20 tons. It's going to be like an eggshell. They're going to come blasting through, and that's my concern."
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